Connecting to Nature in Lunetten

elke Zondag , 10:00 - 12:00 uur

Hello! I want to offer an easy and fun stepping stone, to connect with nature in our
neighborhood. This by visiting a sit-spot* in a group three times, and doing exercises
that open our attention to the nature around us, specifically to bird-sounds.

Three Sunday mornings from 10 to 12
26 March
16 April
7 May

These mornings are designed to do successively; we continue with what we did last time.

Around the corner, in the park. Next to the farm 'de koppelsteede'. When you sign up, you’ll
see the precise location.

For you?
For everyone who considers this park close to home, who doesn't mind sitting still for half an
hour - that is the core of what we will do. Children older than 12, who enjoy doing that, are
also very welcome. No knowledge of birds is required whatsoever, this activity is not
knowledge-centered. This activity is free of charge.

*Complete information, and signing up:
This is a link to an english Google-form. In the
form, you’ll find more information, for example about the location,
and what exactly we will be doing.

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